If your product falls into one of the following groups it will not be given a Free Food allowance:

Alcoholic drinks
Biscuits, including cereal bars and savoury crackers
Bread & crispbreads
Breakfast cereals
Cakes & bakery items, e.g. carrot cake
Crisps & snacks
Dressings & dips, e.g. salsa, salad dressing
Fruit - canned, dried and stewed
Pastry products (sweet & savoury), e.g. salmon en croute, apple pie
Puddings & desserts
Sandwich/deli fillers
Sandwiches and wraps
Sauces, e.g. jars of tomato-based pasta sauce
Soft drinks, including yogurt drinks fruit/vegetable juice and fruit smoothies
Soups, all varieties
Sweets & chocolates
Scotch eggs
Yorkshire puddings

Please select ‘No Free Food’ on the Syns Estimator.

Please select the meal’s Free Food allowance.

To find out which Free Food allowance to give your product look at the ingredients list on the packaging. These are written in order of quantity, eg the more potato in a product, the closer to the top of the ingredients list it will be. Choose the Free Food that comes highest in the list of ingredients.

If you don't find this particular Free Food on our list of allowances, it may not be Free Food on the Food Optimising choice you've selected. In this case, calculate the Syns by clicking ‘No Free Food’, the product does not contain Free Food and continue to the nutrition page.  

Please insert the following information from your product packaging, using the information per 100g from the nutrition panel.

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If you're not sure where to find the nutrition information, our diagram should help.

Please note: To calculate the Syn value of drinks, insert millilitres instead of grams. The only exceptions to this are aerosol creams and ice cream (find these under basic foods).

Dried / powdered products 
On dried / powdered products (drinks, soups, sauces, gravies, pasta & sauce/savoury rice, cake/batter mix, pot noodle type foods) if nutrition information is given for 100g made-up please enter the final made up weight, not the dried packet weight.


For the latest Syn values please ring the Syns Hotline on 09068 518 518. (Open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm) If possible please have the product packaging with you when calling. Syns hotline calls cost 65p per minute, plus your telephone company’s network access charge, plus your telephone company’s network access charge.